Registering for Autodesk University

I just finished registering for my classes at Autodesk University. Looks like it’s going to be a busy week. I’ve signed up for a total of 14 courses, and will be learning about stuff ranging from BIM (Building Information Modelling) to website development with DWF drawings, to programming AutoCAD with .NET. I think it’ll be a worthwhile trip.

I thought I’d mention how much I liked the scheduling interface they used. Every time I’ve put together a class schedule like this in the past, it’s been complicated and usually the website is not very helpful. For AU they had a handy little schedule that you simply clicked open spaces, and chose from a list of available course. A survey popped up at the end and I tried to post some comments about how helpful I found this.

One thing was a little disappointing, though – I guess I waited a little too long to get myself registered because by time I finally had everyone’s approval (boss, wife, etc…) the Venetian was full and they were scheduling rooms in the Flamingo instead. I clicked the option to be put on the waiting list, though, so maybe there’s still a chance…..we’ll see.


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