Autodesk University Website Much Better Now

I thought I’d mention, since I posted a somewhat lengthy complaint earlier about having login and session preservation issues with the Autodesk University registration website, that they’ve since fixed the problem and the site is working much better now. It’s nice to be able to signin once, navigate around the site, and actually be able to stay there without getting accidentally logged out. Not sure what the problem was before, but thanks to whoever got it fixed.

They’ve recently added a neat new feature to the site called AU Connect. Each conference attendee inputs some information about themselves, including what industry they work in, which Autodesk tools they use, what skills they might have, what their core interests are, and so on. That information is then used to map out which attendees might be best for you to network with while at the event. Interesting idea….I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works.


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