Lost and Found Saves the Day

Thank goodness the Venetian hotel has a good lost and found policy. They just let me know that they’ll be shipping a lost item back to me at no cost. Yay!

In the rush to get everything packed, eat breakfast, check out, and hurry down to a meeting place before the last AU class started on Friday morning, I accidentally left my nice shaver on the bathroom counter. When I first noticed it was gone I just resigned myself to the fact that these kinds of things happen, and this was lots better than forgetting my keys or a more valuable item. But then I went out today to purchase a new one, and for as much as a decent shaver costs ($75-$100 to match my old one) I figured it would be worthwhile to go through whatever hassle and possible cost of seeing if they found it and could ship it back to me. To my surprise, it was no hassle at all, and they even said they would ship it for free. It’s nice to still have a good customer service experience once in a while.


9 thoughts on “Lost and Found Saves the Day

  1. Joseph Wurcher says:

    My wife left her passport in the safe and I called their lost & found. They have not found the passport but informed me that they found my Blackberry charger (which I have not noticed yet as missing) in my room and it will be shipped – for free. Very nice.

  2. When my wife and I stayed at one of Disney resorts in Florida 10+ years ago, they shipped back a stuffed animal and a few clothes that we had not noticed were missing, at their cost.

    Their shipping very likely cost more than the stuffed animal was worth, but certainly a nice gesture…

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