New LDS Blogs

I’m so excited to see so many well done blogs from members of the LDS Church popping up lately. Today I learned about LDS Chief Information Office (CIO), Joel Dehlin’s new blog at He was recently hired from Microsoft, and has been doing a great job during his first few months at the Church. I really enjoyed his post about the way his co-workers at Microsoft responded when he told them about his new position – “Huh? Does your chapel have a server or something?” He also mentioned that the Church is currently hiring both Java and .net programmers, which I think is great news – as a .net programmer already working at the Church, I’m happy to see more of that technology used where it makes sense.

Cameron Moll also announced yesterday his decision to accept a position as the Principal Interaction Designer at the Church. I remember reviewing Cameron’s portfolio when he was interviewed for the Web 2.0 Show back in July, and being quite impressed with his work. With talented designers like himself, the team at, Internet Coordination Group Director Larry Richman, and of course all the others who aren’t yet blogging, I think we can look forward to a lot of great tools for the Church.


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