Vanishing Point Game

DSCN0495Have you heard about the Vanishing Point game? It’s a mysterious series of events and online puzzles that were launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The first event was a spectacular water show at the Bellagio with a video projected onto the fountain, similar to what’s done in Fantasmic @ Disneyland. The video included a series of clues to puzzles now hosted on Those who solve the puzzles will be eligable to win prizes including Windows Vista based PC’s and laptops, copies of Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007, Xbox 360’s, Zunes, iRiver’s, and Windows games. It’s obviously a marketing campaign for Microsoft’s upcoming launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007, but certainly a clever one. The grand prize winner gets a trip on the “Rocketplane” XP vehicle, which will take them to “the edge of space for a view of the ultimate vista”.

Apparently there are three more events scheduled, each with their own set of puzzles and clues. The puzzles remind me of puzzles I saw in games like Dr. Brain, Myst, and 7th Guest, and some seem very complicated and challenging, but fun. The cities and times for the remaining events are listed on the website (including places like Miami, Phoenix, Austin, Sydney, London, Berlin, Toronto, and finally Seattle), but only lat/long’s are provide for the specific locations, so you’ll have to look ’em up if you want to attend (and the upcoming events sound like they’ll be at least as cool as the first one).

Anyways, it’s an intersting contest – worth checking out. I wish I had more time to try and solve all the puzzles, as I could sure use one of the new PC’s they’re giving away….we’ll see.

Vanishing Point Website Sundial Game @ Vanishing Point

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