Prophets, Apostles, and Other Notable People in the Salt Lake City Cemetery

In recent visits to the Salt Lake City Cemetery, I’ve seen several groups of people visiting the markers of all the notable people buried there – people like Gordon B. Hinckley, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Porter Rockwell.  According to this article in the Deseret News, people come into the sexton’s office every day and ask for maps.  When I visited several years ago with an institute class, our instructor knew dozens of these locations and had stories about nearly every one we visited.  I’ve been trying to gather some of this information for use in a future visit, and thought I’d share what I’ve found so far.

I’ve compiled the locations I found in these, as well as a few others I found on my own, into an interactive online map that you can view in Bing Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps.  (Click the links to view each map.)  The locations are marked with pins, which when clicked open up to show a photo of the grave marker, a short bit of info about who each person was, and a link to their Wikipedia article.  I learned a lot about LDS Church history putting this together, and thought I’d share it in case anyone else would like to explore the cemetery in this way.  Unfortunately, none of the maps print very well – the maps listed above are still best to take with you to the cemetery.


2 thoughts on “Prophets, Apostles, and Other Notable People in the Salt Lake City Cemetery

  1. Ted says:

    Thank you, Jeremy, for doing this! We’re taking our ward’s YM/YW to the SLC Cemetary to visit some of these sites!

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